Corporation was founded in the year 1964 as a workshop and was involved in the manufacture of agricultural machinery. The workshop has been takenover by Transauto Postojna a few years later. It has been operating as TOZD workshop Cerknica up to year 1978, when it's been turncoated by AvtomontaĹža Ljubljana as it's structure.

In 1981 it expanded its operations to the production which followed by a relocation to Podskrajnik 17, Cerknica, where the company operates up to today. When the process of privatisation started within the company, which was successfully accomplished in the beggining of the year 1989, it became the joint-stock company, where the majority owner of stock Management Board after employees and ex-employees.

The production range of the company is manufacturing variety of metal constructions. Over the past  few years the laser engine is used in the production which guarantees a quality and a short delivery dates. In a year 2005 the company invested in a new compressed air blasting chamber and lacquering chamber. This allows us to maintain a high quality treatment of superficial stratum and encumbered reduction of environmental overload with dust, rust and other filth. The technical examination area has been build up in a year 2005.

Nominal capital is amounted to 561.282 € and annual turnover is approximately 2,5 million €.
We granted ISO 9001:2000 certifikat in a year 2006.


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